Talking Sex, Love & Relationships

8 webinar bundle

Enjoy this series of 8 pre-recorded webinars about Sex, Love & Relationships.

Each episode was hosted by Lesley Tavernier and her partner, Rakhem Seku.

We addressed each of these hot, and often controversial, topics from our own experiences as a couple, as well as our experiences relating with our other partners and coaching our private clients.

This series is definitely one of the most honest, raw and wisdom-filled relationship series you will ever come across!

Here's what's included:

  1. How to Tell if a Man is into You Sexually
  2. Battling the Biological Clock
  3. Healthy Competition Amongst Women in Relationships
  4. Why Married Men Solicit Sex Workers
  5. Promiscuity as a Path to Spiritual Enlightenment
  6. Non-touch Orgasm
  7. How to Get Your Man to Lead
  8. Healing Anger in Relationships

Your Instructor

Lesley Tavernier
Lesley Tavernier

About Me

Former love addict turned love goddess...

Lesley Tavernier is a woman who loves her Self passionately.

She chooses sexual exclusivity with one of her male partners, while enjoying several other male partners non-sexually.

She understands the Power of Healing her Heart...especially as it pertains to intimate relating and Money!

She's damn good at and passionate about what she does...helping women get out of their heads and into their bodies.

Lastly, Lesley is certified as a Feminine Power and Three-Way Mirror™ coach by Jujumama LLC.

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