Sex Magic for Money, Romance & Health

6 week - online course

Sex Magic for Money, Romance & Health

online course

If you've ever wondered how to utilize sexual energy to attract more money, improve your intimate relationships and enjoy good health, this online course will provide you with all of the information and tools you need to be successful.

In this course, we cover the all of the nuts and bolts of sex magic: philosophy, preparation, how to set up altars and prepare your space, directions to face, energy work, common pitfalls, etc. In addition, we include 3 video demos of Rakhem Seku and Lesley Tavernier performing sex magic rituals for Money, Romance & Health.

This course is unlike anything else on the market today...guaranteed!

We have included powerful tools and suggestions that will delight and inform beginners and serious, hard-core students of metaphysics alike. It is for all those who strongly desire to experience tangible results and are willing to do the work!

Below is the curriculum for the course:

Sex Magic Course Curriculum

  • Section 1 Overview
    • L1 Overview - What is Sex Magic
    • L2 Sex Magic Applications
    • L3 What You’ll Learn in this Course
    • L4 Disclaimers & Cautions
  • Section 2 Setup, Preparations, Prerequisites
    • L5 Altar Setup & Ornaments
    • L6 State of Mind
    • L7 Bed and Room Space
    • L8 The Importance of Secrecy
  • Section 3 Sex Magic for Money
    • L9 List of Ritual Supplies
    • L10 Final Setup (pic)
    • L11 Ritual Demo (prerecorded)
    • L12 Post Ritual Protocols
  • Section 4 Sex Magic for Romance
    • L13 List of Supplies
    • L14 Final Setup
    • L15 Ritual Demo (prerecorded)
    • L16 Post Ritual Protocols
  • Section 5 Sex Magic for Health & Spiritual Growth
    • L17 List of Supplies
    • L18 Final Setup
    • L19 Ritual Demo (prerecorded)
    • L20 Post Ritual Protocols
  • Section 6 Final Thoughts
    • L21 Final Considerations
    • L22 Additional Applications

Your Instructors

Rakhem Seku has practiced sex magic for over 12 years with his wife Kenya Stevens and other partners of his and has produced numerous tangible results.

Lesley Tavernier has practiced solo sex magic for the past 3 years and has experienced many positive results.

Your Instructor

Lesley Tavernier
Lesley Tavernier

About Me

Former love addict turned love goddess...

Lesley Tavernier is a woman who loves her Self passionately.

She chooses sexual exclusivity with one of her male partners, while enjoying several other male partners non-sexually.

She understands the Power of Healing her Heart...especially as it pertains to intimate relating and Money!

She's damn good at and passionate about what she does...helping women get out of their heads and into their bodies.

Lastly, Lesley is certified as a Feminine Power and Three-Way Mirror™ coach by Jujumama LLC.

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